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Chapter 3 YouTube Videos

Chapter 3 is an interesting chapter because most people have an opinion about the ethics of marketing. The larger question is does marketing influence society or does marketing reflect society?

Video Links:

Chapter 2 YouTube Videos

Here are some videos that you can use for Chapter 2. There are more than one video for some of the topics. This allows you to pick the one that fits best with your teaching style and content emphasis. You may also want to post the link for students to review the concepts.

Video Links:

When the Company’s Founder Insults the Consumer (Chapter 3)

Lululemon Athletica’s former Chairman and founder, Chip Wilson, created much controversy for the Lululemon brand of yoga and exercise wear. He stated publicly that he favored  child labor in developing countries and claimed that cigarette smoking and birth control pills lead to high divorce rates and breast cancer. To top it off, he further claimed that Lululemon doesn’t manufacture clothing for plus-size women because it requires too much material, making the product too expensive.

Crisis management suggests that companies must immediately tackle any controversy that affects the company. This  ABS News Report shows how the company’s representative handled the controversy…. not well…

You may also want to look at’s website.

Discussion Questions:

1. How do you, as a consumer, evaluate the Chairman’s apology?

2. How would you advise the company’s Board to handle such a crisis? Explain.

3. Assume that you are a Lululemon Athletica’s consumer. Would you continue to purchase the company’s products? What should the company to do make it up to its consumers, many of whom were insulted by the Chairman’s comments?

Colgate’s Dental Floss (Chapter 12)

Colgate cleverly draws attention to its product, dental floss, in this advertising campaign, arguing that when people have something stuck between their teeth others notice nothing else.

Ad Week article

Discussion Questions:

  1. Advertising frequently uses emotional appeals. What emotion(s) do these ads use to appeal to consumers?
  2. Why did this advertisement use anatomical oddities? Explain.
  3. Does the humor detract from the message? Why or why not?
  4. Is this ad effective in selling floss? Explain.

Here is a funny video you may want to show as well that shows kids talking about teeth. Why would Colgate produce this video and post it in the brand’s YouTube channel?

New Ad Campaign by Whirlpool (Chapter 12)

People liked to be thanked. They like to be appreciated. This New York Times article provides information about a new campaign by Whirlpool. Here is the TV ad and a microsite that was created by Whirlpool. You may want to start the discussion by talking about the idea that we hear much more criticisms than thanks.

Discussion Questions:

  1. What do you think of this campaign? Do you think it is a good approach? Why or why not?
  2. Did you like the TV ad? Why or why not?
  3. Do you think this an effective approach for Whirlpool to use?
  4. Access the microsite. What are your thoughts about it?
  5. Why would Whirlpool develop this microsite? What purpose do you believe it serves? Explain.
  6. In your opinion, how well is this campaign integrated? Explain.

Introduction to Marketing (Chapter 1)

Here are three videos that you can use to introduce the course and Chapter 1.

Video Links:

Discussion Questions:

  1. Based on the first video, what is marketing?
  2. Identify the top 10 marketing mistakes according to the second video. For each marketing mistake, discuss why it was a mistake. What could the brand have done differently?
  3. The ad “Puppy Love” was voted as the most popular advertisement of the 2014 Super Bowl game. Why do you think it received the top rating? What makes it special?