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Geico Ad (Chapter 4)

Geico recently introduced this new television ad based on the scary movies. It can be used to reinforce concepts in Chapter 4.

Discussion Question:

  1. Is this ad designed to impact attitude or beliefs? Support your answer.
  2. Discuss the concepts of selective exposure, selective distortion, and selective retention in terms of this ad.
  3. Which VALS group would be most receptive to this ad? Why?
  4. Of the various decision-making models introduced in the chapter, which one is typically used for insurance? Explain your choice

Nielsen Research Study on Consumer Preferences for New Brands

Millions of dollars are spent to bring new products to the market. But a large-scale cross-national research study conducted by Nielsen suggests that consumers are more likely to buy new products from a familiar brand rather than choosing a new label. The study polled over 29,000 Internet respondents in 58 countries. Respondents indicated, among others, their agreement with items such as: “I will purchase a store brand or value option”; “I like when manufacturers offer new product options”; “I wait until a new innovation has proven itself before purchasing”; “I prefer to buy new products of brands familiar to me”; and “I like to tell others about new products,” among others.

Discussion Questions:

  1. After reading the Nielsen study, how would you classify it? Is it product research? Is it buyer behavior research? Explain.
  2. Compare between consumers’ responses regarding the likelihood to tell others about new products. Based on their responses, in what world regions are you more likely to encourage peer influence? Why?
  3. Nielsen used an online survey in conducting this study. What are the advantages and disadvantages of using this research approach in this study? Explain.

The Breakthrough Power of Advertising Using Billboards

The multitude of advertisements in Manhattan’s Time Square are part of the allure of this tourist destination. Now, a billboard the size of a football field, eight stories tall and spanning an entire block, with a better resolution than that of the best TV set on the market, is making even more jaws drop, according to Adweek. Google was one of the first companies to advertise on this billboard, in early 2015, at a price tag of over $2 million per month.

Discussion Questions:

  1. Click on the link and look at the photograph of the billboard. Comment on the ability of an advertisement on the screen to break through the clutter of ads in Times Square.
  2. Is this type of communication vehicle likely to persuade consumers to buy? Why? Why not?
  3. The price of advertising on this billboard is high, at more than $2 million per month. Is it worth it? Explain.

Marketing for the Holidays (Chapter 13)

Thanksgiving and Christmas always brings increased advertising by brands and especially for retailers. This article in CMO Today should generate some interesting discussion because for the 2014 holidays the number one marketing method will be email.

CMO Today Article: You’ve Got Mail and More is Coming

Discussion Questions:

  1. After reading the article, what are your thoughts about the use of email as the primary marketing tactic?
  2. Look at the bar graph of the most used channels for 2014 holidays. Rank these channels in terms of influence on your holiday purchases. What is the most effective, what is second, etc. Justify your ranking.
  3. Look at the graph of the popular social media marketing tactics. Identify the three that are most effective with you. Explain why.

Chapter 6 YouTube Videos

Here are some videos you may be able to use for Chapter 6. The first three are all on segmentation. You can pick the one that best fits your teaching.

Chapter 5 YouTube Videos

Business-to-business marketing is difficult for most students to comprehend. These videos cover some of the major topics presented in the chapter and can be used to supplement the text.

How Things are Made (Chapter 5)

Most students have a difficult time understanding business-to-business marketing. One approach may be to have them watch one of the following videos on how Pringles, Coca-Cola, or alloy wheels are made then answer the following questions. They should have the questions as they watch the video in order to take notes.

Discussion Questions:

  1. Review the types of business goods and services used in business-to-business, Section 5-2. As you watch the video, make a list of goods and services used in making the product. Be sure to put each item you list in the correct category.
  2. For each item in your list, identify whether it a purchase would be a new buy, modified rebuy, or straight rebuy. Explain your choice.
  3. Pick one of the items in your list. Discuss the concept of the buying center and identify who might fulfill each of the roles.
  4. Using the item you identified in Question 3, discuss the personality traits that might play a role in the purchase process.
  5. If you were the seller of the item you identified in Questions 3 and 4, which member of the buying center would you target with a marketing message? Why? What type of message would you offer that would get them to consider your company as potential vendor?