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Can Advertising Save Sears? (Chapter 10)

This article in Adweek would be great for a discussion about retailing and the potential role of advertising.

Discussion Questions:

  1. After reading the article, do you think advertising can save Sears Holding (Sears, Kmart)? Why or why not?
  2. Do you think advertising agencies should be hesitant about pitching for the Sears Holding account? Why or why not?
  3. How important is advertising to a retail store?
  4. What role do you think advertising can have in retailing?

Digital vs Traditional Advertising (Chapter 13)

Advertising dollars continue to be shifted from traditional advertising to digital advertising. These videos can be used to initiate a discussion of this trend.

Discussion Questions:

  1. Why are brands shifting money to digital advertising from traditional advertising? Be specific.
  2. Based on the first video, what are the disadvantages of traditional advertising?
  3. Based on the first video, what are the advantages of digital advertising?
  4. Based on the second video, why is social media advertising better than traditional advertising? Provide specifics.

Service Characteristics (Chapter 9)

This video talks about the four service characteristics in terms of marketing golf lessons. It provides a good overview of each characteristic and applying it to the golf lessons will help to understand the concepts.

Discussion Questions:

  1. Define each of the four service characteristics.
  2. Discuss the implications each service characteristic in terms of golf lessons.
  3. Describe what can be done to minimize the negative impact of each characteristic.
  4. Pick a service industry other than golf lessons. Go through each of the four characteristics. What are the implications for the service you identified. How can the service minimize the negative impact of the characteristic?


BCG Matrix (Chapter 8)

I thought this video was good at explaining the basic concept of the BCG matrix.

Discussion Questions:

  1. Identify each of the four quadrants in terms of market share and market growth rate.
  2. Describe the characteristics of each quadrant. Identify an example that is not discussed in the video or in the textbook for each quadrant. Explain why you think your examples fit into the designated quadrants.
  3. Why is it important to consider profit margins in evaluating products in each of the quadrants?
  4. Why is it important to utilize other tools for evaluating the product portfolio of a business?


Product Life Cycle (Chapter 8)

This video provides a good overview of the product life cycle concept.

Discussion Questions:

  1. What are the four stages of the product life cycle? Do all products go through these four stages? Why or why not?
  2. For each of the stages of the product life cycle discuss the characteristics and users of the product.
  3. Discuss the concepts of push and pull strategies for each of the stages and how each are used.
  4. Which is the most critical stage of the PLC? Why?


Product Diffusion (Chapter 8)

These two videos provide a good review of the new product diffusion process and the various categories of adopters.

Discussion Questions:

  1. List the categories of the product diffusion curve.
  2. As you watch the first video, identify characteristics of each group of adopters.
  3. As you watch the second video, add to your list the characteristics mentioned for each category.
  4. Based on the second video, why is it important to know the characteristics of each diffusion segment?
  5. From the second video, discuss what factors determine the speed of adoption of a new product.

Offensive Ads (Chapter 3)

In my advertising class, I asked students to share an ad they found offensive and explain why. These three ads were shared by one of my students.

Discussion Questions:

  1. Do you find these ads offensive? Why or why not?
  2. Can offensive ads still accomplish the objective of making consumers aware of a brand? Why or why not?
  3. Does it matter if an ad is offensive, as long as it makes people aware of the brand? Why or why not?
  4. What do you think is the objective of these ads? Explain your answer.