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Harley-Davidson Motorcycles (Chapter 6)

Harley-Davidson has spent decades marketing its motorcycles to youth, but in the last decade they have tried also reach the loyal baby boomer. Can Harley-Davidson target both boomers and millennials at the same time?

Discussion Questions:

  1. Before reading the article, what is your image of Harley-Davidson? Describe who you think rides Harley-Davidson motorcycles?
  2. After reading the article, do you think Harley-Davidson can reach both boomers and millennials? Why or why not?
  3. Watch the two ads. Do you think the ads are targeted to boomers, millennials, or both? Explain.
  4. Using the information in the textbook, which positioning strategy do you think Harley-Davidson is using in the two TV ads? Justify your answer.

E-commerce Colors (Chapter 13)

Although I listed this article for Chapter 13, it would fit well with Chapter 4 (Consumer Behavior). The article discusses what the various colors on an e-commerce site signify and the types of customers that it would attract.

Discussion Questions:

  1. Make a list of the colors discussed in the article and beside each color write down what that color means.
  2. For each color, identify one product or service not mentioned in the article that you think would fit.
  3. Go to 2 different e-commerce sites. What color(s) did they use? Look at the meaning of these colors from the article. Do you think the colors chosen matches well with the site and the type of customers they want to attract? Why or why not?

Be the Best (Chapter 8)

I found this article in Entrepreneur interesting. It short, but should make students think about the importance of quality products in a social media age.

Discussion Questions:

  1. How important is product (or service) quality?
  2. Discuss from your personal experience a company(or brand) that has produced high quality. Did you share anything about the brand on social media? If so, what? If not, why not?
  3. Make a list of the major points of this article.
  4. After reading this article, would you agree or disagree with the points made? Explain.
  5. How important is a mobile-friendly website for a small business?

Fact – People Still Trust Advertising (Chapter 12)

I found this article in MediaLife interesting and thought it would be great to introduce Chapter 12 and the entire section on marketing communications. We keep hearing people do not like ads, block ads, and do not trust ads, yet this survey shows just the opposite. Before you show your class the chart in the article you may want to ask them if they trust advertising and which forms of advertising they trust and don’t trust.

Discussion Questions:

  1. Did you find the results of this survey surprising? Why or why not?
  2. Why do you think traditional media has a higher level of trust than online advertising?
  3. Why do you think the highest level of trust is with Millennials?