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Database Marketing (Chapter 15)

This YouTube video identifies 3 characteristics of database marketing. It is presented within a business-to-business context.

Discussion Questions:

  1. According to the video, what are the 3 characteristics of successful database marketing programs?
  2. Why is it important to identify the ideal prospect before developing the database?
  3. Explain why the second and third characteristics are important and how they are developed in a database marketing program.

Coupon Marketing (Chapter 14)

I found this video very entertaining and humorous, yet effective in relaying information about coupon marketing. It would be great for the classroom, but also can be used as an assignment.

Discussion Questions:

  1. What are the benefits of distributing coupons via contest marketing?
  2. What percentage of coupons distributed are ever redeemed? Why do you think it is such a low percentage?
  3. What are the advantages of distributing coupons via Facebook and Twitter?
  4. According to the video, what are the advantages to coupon marketing?

Digital Marketing Strategies (Chapter 13)

I thought this video on the “6 essential elements for a successful digital marketing strategy” would be good to use with Chapter 13. While it could be used at the beginning of the chapter, I think it would fit better after you have lectured on the chapter as a review, or even an assignment.

Discussion Questions:

  1. According to the video, what are the 6 essential elements of a successful digital marketing strategy?
  2. Assume you have been asked to help develop a digital marketing strategy for a local boutique clothing store that focuses on fashions for the 18-30 year old. Go through each of the 6 essential elements presented in the video discussing them in relation to the fashion boutique. Explain how each step can be implemented and why it is important.

Sales Promotions (Chapter 14)

Here is a good animated video by Kelly Roach that reviews various types of sales promotions.

Discussion Questions:

  1. According to the video, what is the primary goal of sales promotions?
  2. Why are holidays a good time for sales promotions?
  3. Why should sales promotions not be used all of the time?
  4. What are the three goals of promotions?
  5. What examples of sales promotions does the video give for each promotion goal?
  6. Of the sales promotions mentioned in the video, which ones are most likely to impact your purchase behavior? Why?

Ikea Malaysian Store Opening (Chapter 12)

Advertising agency BBH Asia Pacific produced this video ad for the grand opening of an Ikea store in Malaysia. It is a great illustration of the music appeal.

Discussion Questions:

  1. What are your thoughts about this ad and the music that was used?
  2. Is the ad effective in grabbing your attention? Why or why not? Does the ad hold your attention? Why or why not?
  3. Look through the various forms of advertising discussed in Section 12.6. Which type of advertising do you think the video ad illustrates? Why?
  4. Look at the various communication objectives in Section 12-5. What do you think is the objective of this ad? Why?

Target Ad Goes Viral (Chapter 10)

It is difficult for a retailer to stand out among the competition, especially if the retailer does not want to focus on price. This article about Target’s ad for Halloween went viral. I think it can generate a lively discussion in your classroom.

Adweek Article about Target’s Halloween ad

Discussion Question:

  1. Why do you think this ad by Target went viral?
  2. Does the ad change your image of Target? Why or why not?
  3. How important is social media to a retailer such as Target? Explain.