Monthly Archives: February 2016

Behavioral Targeting (Chapter 13)

An effective digital marketing strategy used by brands is behavioral targeting. This video produced by IAB explains who behavioral targeting works and why it is successful.

Discussion Questions:

  1. Based on the video, what is behavioral targeting and how does it work?
  2. What types of information is collected with behavioral targeting?
  3. Do you think behavioral targeting is an invasion of privacy? Why or why not?
  4. Give an example of behavioral targeting from your personal experience. Provide a screen shot of your computer screen that shows a behavioral ad.

AIDA Model (Chapter 12)

I found this musical video great for reviewing the AIDA model. It was composed by some college students, but done well.

Discussion Questions:

  1. Describe each of the four steps in the AIDA model.
  2. Why is the AIDA model important in advertising?
  3. Discuss each of the steps as it would apply to advertising a local hamburger and pizza restaurant.
  4. Did you like the way the students presented the AIDA model using music? Why or why not?

Pricing Lessons from Cartoons (Chapter 11)

I liked this video because the presenter uses cartoons to illustrate ten pricing lessons. The video would be a good supplement to the chapter on pricing.

Discussion Questions and Exercises:

  1. As you watch the video, write down the ten lessons that are identified.
  2. Of the ten lessons identified, which two lessons do you consider most important in pricing a product? Why?
  3. Does it make a difference if you are pricing a service versus a product? Why or why not?


Logistics (Chapter 10)

This video explains the basic concept of logistics in terms of bottled water. It would be an excellent video to introduce the topic.

Discussion Questions:

  1. Briefly describe the concept of logistics in terms of the raw materials to create a bottle of water and  then in getting that water to consumers.
  2. Why is logistics important?


Services Marketing (Chapter 9)

I found this video presents a good overview of services marketing, how it is unique, and how marketers can address the challenges.

Discussion Questions:

  1. Identify each of the challenges posed by services presented in the video.
  2. For each of the challenges presented, discuss how it impacts the marketing of a service.
  3. For each of the challenges presented, discuss methods marketers can use to overcome the challenge.

Brand Strategy (Chapter 8)

This video by Jason Richea provides good information about brand strategy and would be excellent for a class lecture, or to use as a review assignment.

Discussion Questions:

  1. According to the video, what is a brand?
  2. Identify the elements of an effective brand name.
  3. What are the elements of an effective logo?
  4. What are the elements of an effective slogan, or tagline?
  5. Identify the five brand strategies presented in the video. Describe the characteristics of each. Discuss how each could be used to develop a successful brand.

B-to-B Marketing (Chapter 5)

I thought  this video B2B Marketing Strategies by Gordon Andrew was well done and would fit well with Chapter 5, which many students have difficulty understanding.

Discussion Questions:

  1. What is the difference between extrinsic selling and intrinsic selling? Why is intrinsic selling more powerful?
  2. Why is it important for a b-to-b firm to have top-of-mind awareness? How can this be accomplished?
  3. Should b-to-b firms invest in a social media strategy? Why or why not?
  4. If a firm invests in social media, how must it be done?