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Marketing Research Process (Chapter 7)

The marketing research process is important if a researcher wants to obtain meaningful information. The first video covers the marketing research process. The second video identifies potential mistakes in marketing research.

Discussion Questions

  1. Identify the steps in the marketing research process.
  2. Think about marketing research by a dine-in restaurant. Go through each of the steps and explain the step in terms of marketing research for a dine-in restaurant. Be specific.
  3. From the second video, identify the mistakes to avoid in marketing research.
  4. For each mistake, identify how the dine-in restaurant could make that mistake and then discuss how the mistake can be avoided.

Marketing Research (Chapter 7)

Marketing research is a deep topic and for most marketing programs it is either a one-semester or even a two-semester course. I found these videos a good resources to supplement the information in the textbook.

Discussion Questions:

  1. Based on the first video, what is marketing research and what are the goals of marketing research?
  2. Based on the first video, what is the purpose of marketing research?
  3. Based on the first video, what are the two types of marketing research? What factors determine which technique is used?
  4. What uses are cited in the first video for marketing research?
  5. Watch the Steve Jobs video. Based on his comments, when can marketing research be used and when is it not valuable?
  6. Based on the third video, what are the differences between qualitative and qualitative research? Provide two examples of each not provided in the video.

Nielsen Research Study on Consumer Preferences for New Brands

Millions of dollars are spent to bring new products to the market. But a large-scale cross-national research study conducted by Nielsen suggests that consumers are more likely to buy new products from a familiar brand rather than choosing a new label. The study polled over 29,000 Internet respondents in 58 countries. Respondents indicated, among others, their agreement with items such as: “I will purchase a store brand or value option”; “I like when manufacturers offer new product options”; “I wait until a new innovation has proven itself before purchasing”; “I prefer to buy new products of brands familiar to me”; and “I like to tell others about new products,” among others.

Discussion Questions:

  1. After reading the Nielsen study, how would you classify it? Is it product research? Is it buyer behavior research? Explain.
  2. Compare between consumers’ responses regarding the likelihood to tell others about new products. Based on their responses, in what world regions are you more likely to encourage peer influence? Why?
  3. Nielsen used an online survey in conducting this study. What are the advantages and disadvantages of using this research approach in this study? Explain.